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Line break getting automatically added in a calculation field with lots of text

So I have a calculation field that is lots of lines of text, and Podio is randomly adding a line break in the text, which is breaking what we are trying to do with it.

I believe its doing that thinking that the rest of the text won't fit on that line, but I can manually go into the HTML with inspect element and put the piece after the break, up before the break, and it fits fine. This is very frustrating.

i've attached pictures of the issue, as well as a picture of what it looks like if I manually fix it in the inspect element.


Why is this happening? And is there a way to fix it?

Matthew Ivie

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Hi Matthew,

I would suggest you post your question in the Calculations Forum, where our calculation savvy users and partners will be able to help you.

This forum is specifically dedicated to API questions.


Domenico Matteo
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