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API to request status of contact/attendees / meeting rsvp status

Hello There,

I would like to get information over the PHP API about the status, that is shown in the Podio Backend UI, when you have a field of contacts, where you can assign people and they approve to attend or not, where you see a red/yellow/green status. 

All I'm able to get is a list of contacts that were assigned to that field, but not about the status of them. How can I can get the status (red/yellow/green) ? 

Would be great somebody can tell me... in the code of the UI i see something like "meeting-rsvp" .. but not sure on how or if that's really a meeting, because it is not the meeting app. It is just a random custom app, that have the field "contact"... so... thanks for your help.    

Benjamin Berger

Podio Forms

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Hi Benjamin,

the RSVP status is only available on the contact field of meeting apps, and can be verified with a normal "GET item/{item_id}".

If you're only interested in the value of that specific field, you can use:
"GET /item/{item_id}/value/{field_or_external_id}/v2" (see docs here)


Domenico Matteo

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