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Images rotated when not viewed in the item viewer

Hey guys, 

I've run into a problem with the way images are viewed in the item level is not necessarily how they are saved in Podio. The item view seems to automatically rotate the image to be in the correct position, but when you open the image to view it directly it is rotated 90 degrees. I thought that this might be based on EXIF data, but we have converted our images to PNG (a format that doesn't not support EXIF data) so we could correct for this. But the problem persists. 

The bigger problem is that when fetching the images with the API I get the image that is correctly rotated. Does anyone know what would cause this?

Aaron Biehl

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Hi Jakob,

Do you want links to the Podio file URLs or would you like a link to images that have this problem after uploaded?

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