Am I not using the new Contacts app right?



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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hey Ryan,

    The new contact app is meant as a replacement for workspace contacts. We don't recommend using the workspace contacts going forward as they will slowly be discontinued.

    Instead, if you have existing workspace contacts, I recommend to export those and import them to a new contact app.

    Then remove the workspace contact field and replace with a relationship to the contact app.

    Here is a guide on how to convert an existing app using workspace contacts to the new app:

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Ryan Vickerman

    Thanks @Sara!


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  • Jonathan Asbell

    Hello Sara. I started using the app of type Contact and it forces my design (field types etc).  I would rather make up my own design and meet the field data requirements of the Contact app.  That is:

    1) I still want the ability of a Contact container that can be used across Workspaces

    2) I want to permit multiple Locations, emails, and phones in my contact record, and select which one to use to meet your Contact app requirement.

    The reason for this is that in real estate, we are finding ourselves in an ever more un-fixed, mobile world. Most of my clients have several homes (summer and winter), several emails, and several phones.  There is no longer a notion of "home" address or "home" email, or "home" phone.  There is just the current location where they are, the preferred emails they want me to use, and the preferred phone numbers they want me to call on.  I need to record all of these locations, emails, and phones in your system, but I need to select which one thet prefer me to use so that I can export or integrate into automated mailing, mapping, and dialing programs.

    Any advice?


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  • William Willman

    is there a way to downgrade an app from event to standard. events apps still require participants but i want to utilize a centralized contacts app for this purpose.

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