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Advanced Workflows and Tasks - When Item is created in separate app create tasks for said Item.

Hi I'd like to know how to make Tasks created by the workflow belong to Items in other app. I have two apps one for Projects and one for the Activities for the project management department. I would need to be able to generate tasks in a new item being created in the Activities app, when the status and owner of the Project Item are updated. I currently have a workflow set up like this:

If @Owner (Contact) is changed and if Future Status contains "Planning" then create item in "Activities App" and create "Task 1".   

Task one is being nested under the Project App Item and not under the new Activities App Item.

Any ideas on how to get this New Task to the correct Item and App with Advanced Workflows?


Eduardo A. Guevara V.

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Hi Eduardo, did you manage to find an answer to this? I have the same issue!

Nadia Tjahja 0 votes
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