Calculation based on imcompleted/total task counts?



  • Aaron Howerton

    William - did you ever find an answer here? I'm using a Projects app and a Deliverables app, wit Tasks on the deliverable. I've got  Globiflow set up to average out the Deliverable progress levels to update the overall project progress but there's no such logic in place for tasks. I assume it's because Tasks can be attached to pretty much anything in the system. They aren't customizable objects like app items. I can't find any documentation for GlobiFlow that helps point toward how to reference the task object via PHP either. 

    Without Globiflow I feel like Podio is way too basic for any sophisticated enterprise use because it requires too much manual data management. The more I can automate the process for my team, the more likely we are to see high levels of adoption. 

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  • Fritz Feger

    In Globiflow, there's a collector for open tasks (, but none for all or closed ones. You won't be able to calculate the ratio completed/total, but you can check whether or not there are any open tasks.

    As you say, it's better to avoid tasks. Comments under tasks are content graves, and you can't calculate with them in calculation fields and only limited in GF.

    If you want to model a hierarchy between an item and "sub-tasks", you can do this with a sub-issues app or, more elegantly, create a "Parent" relationship field with reference to the app itself. Then you can do all kinds of JS and GF magic.

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