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API export to excel in python

I am trying to use the api to export the data from apps.

The Podio API docs show this is possible for Ruby and PHP ( But I am using the python client library and there is considerable difference between the docs and the objects in pypodio.

The Item object does not have an "Item.export" method. Does this mean it is not implemented?

I have managed to find an "Application.get_items" method that returns a complicated json file with the key-values of the fields buried deep in a heap of other stuff but I want to check that this is the only way before I use time parsing the fields out of that file.



Aaron Saunders

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Hi Aaron,

The API you mentioned is intended to export application as csv/excel files, and is sadly not supported by Python client.

In most cases I would suggest using Application.get_items anyway - you will avoid problem with asynchronous pooling of batch tasks, and will get more detailed information about item values (some information is lost in translation to excel file). 


Jakob Pulczynski 0 votes