Totally noob needs help creating a webhook



  • Andreas Garnæs

    Hi Alexander,

    Podio webhooks cannot point to Mailchimp directly. You can either use a ready-made solution like Zapier:

    Alternatively you'll need to set up your own endpoint which can receive the webhook from Podio and make a request to the Mailchimp API.


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  • Alexander Metz

    Thanks! I had a look on zapier. However it does noct do what I'm trying to. I also

    What I want to do is to make mailchimp send a Newsletter (campaign) and use the content from an podio app.

    My contacts are already in sync between podio and mailchimp.

    My podio Newsletter-app has fields like "Subject", "introduction", "News #1", "News #2" etc. and "send".

    If I click send, mailchimp should send.

    Maybe it works teh other way round. I create the Newsletter in mailchimp and it is automatically imported to podio?

    Or maybe there are other (free) services that match my needs.



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  • Henrik Huhtinen

    As you say yourself you are not familiar with how webhooks work. You should start by studying first so you understand how they work. 

    Start with




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  • Bruno Iafelice

    Is it possible to pass a parameter using a Podio webhook? E.g. our Podio app has a field called 'project-name'.

    Can we pass this field value to an external webapp using the webhook URL? 

    OR should the Podio webhook trigger the external app that will use the item_id from the webhook to make a GET call to Podio and get the value of the field project-name?


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