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Totally noob needs help creating a webhook


I'm trying to pass over data to mailchimp with a webhook. So I created a webhook in an app. However I have no Idea where I can put the data to be passed over. There is only a single URL field.

Mailchimp API reference says data has to be passed over in JSON format, which podio api seems to support.

Mailchimp wants data in that form (example from here ):

curl --request POST \
--url '' \
--user 'anystring:apikey' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"name":"Freddie'\''s Favorite Hats","contact":{"company":"MailChimp","address1":"675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE","address2":"Suite 5000","city":"Atlanta","state":"GA","zip":"30308","country":"US","phone":""},"permission_reminder":"You'\''re receiving this email because you signed up for updates about Freddie'\''s newest hats.","campaign_defaults":{"from_name":"Freddie","from_email":"","subject":"","language":"en"},"email_type_option":true}' \

So what do I have to input in the webhook URL-field to make such a post?

I tried:*mylistid*?user=anystring:*mymailchimpapikey*

but no veryfication...

Alexander Metz

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Hi Alexander,

Podio webhooks cannot point to Mailchimp directly. You can either use a ready-made solution like Zapier:

Alternatively you'll need to set up your own endpoint which can receive the webhook from Podio and make a request to the Mailchimp API.


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Thanks! I had a look on zapier. However it does noct do what I'm trying to. I also

What I want to do is to make mailchimp send a Newsletter (campaign) and use the content from an podio app.

My contacts are already in sync between podio and mailchimp.

My podio Newsletter-app has fields like "Subject", "introduction", "News #1", "News #2" etc. and "send".

If I click send, mailchimp should send.

Maybe it works teh other way round. I create the Newsletter in mailchimp and it is automatically imported to podio?

Or maybe there are other (free) services that match my needs.



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