Podio.NET receives HTML and cannot parse, 502 Bad Gateway



  • Ajmal v Hassainar


    I will check the issue. Could you provide me some more details, how to replicate this error. Also, which version of Podio library are you using?

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  • Tanner Danzey

    Hi Ajmal, sorry for the delayed response.

    The version I'm testing is based on commit 587e1757 with slight modifications to allow me to log the output of the responses to the requests. If you would like me to give you a patch to see what I'm seeing I can definitey do so. I'm sure there's an easier way to do that but this way was the quickest. Currently I do not know of any way to replicate this error, it happens very infrequently (enough to annoy the person running the report) and there do not appear to be anything in common between the items that it fails on. Unfortunately I'm not sure there is a problem in the API, 502 bad gateway seems like something that would be an issue on behalf of the host of the API. In the next week I will update to a more recent commit and see if the issue no longer happens, which will take a while to confirm.

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