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  • Marc Høegh

    Hi Scott,

    It seems that you've discovered a bug. It has now been attended to and a fix is going out in our next release. Thanks for posting!

    Just a note: It's cool how you've enabled automation in your setup via web hooks. Are you aware of the Automated Workflows feature of Podio, though? - It's designed to do exactly this, and the functionality you're displaying in your video can actually be achieved with just a few clicks and easily maintained :-)

    Have a nice weekend!


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  • Scott Costello

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for identifying and fixing the issue.  It'll help make my system a little smoother for the users.

    I do realize that I can do many of my automations using the built in Podio tools (Automations and/or Globiflow).  However I do not believe they can handle the 3rd party API integrations (zillow, bing, google and more) that I'm using to pull data into Podio.  I like having everything in one spot as well.

    My only issue down the road is running into the rate limits.  I'm in the process of caching some of the App data on my database servers to limit the API calls.  However, that will only hold off on my need to increase my rate limits.  I have a request into Kruti, but it's been weeks since I've heard a response.

    Thanks again for your help!


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