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API Keys

Would the API Keys help to develop customized documents like for example invoices or proposals or if not, is there at least the opportunity to download the data, for example the timesheet to include it in the invoices?

I’d also like to ask you if there is the possbility to have some deliverables to pop-up every month for example?





Sarah Amerstorfer

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Hi Sarah,

Yes, the API keys help you to develop pretty much anything you want using the data in your Podio apps.

You can use the Filter Items API to get data out of Podio and use it with the invoices. 

The amount of work to make these external integrations depends on what you want to develop and your space/app data structure. 

Also have a look at GlobiFlow to automate things. GlobiFlow is available part of Podio premium.

We are one of the Podio partners and can help you if needed with Podio API development. Feel free to contact us on

Best Regards,
Ansar M

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