Podio Asp Net Sample will not compile



  • Ajmal v Hassainar

    You may need to restore the Nuget packages.

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  • Kaine Varley

    I had a similar problem. Try this:

    1. With the solution loaded into VS (Visual Studio), select NuGet Package Manager --> Package Manager Console from the Tools menu.
    2. The console window should the appear at the bottom of the VS client, where you should see the PM > prompt
    3. For synchronous version:

      PM> Install-Package Podio

      For asynchronous version:

      PM> Install-Package Podio.Async

      This will install the client library and the required dependency.


           See also: http://podio.github.io/podio-dotnet/


    I ended up having to install the asynchronous version. Hope that helps,



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