How to automatically display related items in a contact?



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Simon,


    you can achive that with calculation fields (using some Javascript Code) which reference the related items and gather automatically the information you need (pulling them from the other apps). I'm doing that all day for my clients (I'm an Authorrized Podio Partner, located also in Munich).

    The code depends on several criteria, so it is hard to describe what you've to do without knowing the details of the relationships and the fields you want to be shown in your "History" field. In general you can pull the wanted data by using `@all of wanted field name`. A very short overview what calculation fields can do you find here  (look also into the pdf which is attached to that help article)


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  • Kinga Magyar

    Hi Simon,

    You would need to have a relationship field in your meetings and other apps where you keep track of client related activities. This relationship field would point to the contact app. At the bottom of each contact item, you'd then see all the related items. I would recommend you to have one "mother app" where you can get an overview of all the related activities (related opportunity, company, meetings, etc.).

    The great thing is that you can also customise the relationship badge, so you could show the most relevant information on it:

    I hope this helps!

    //Kinga - Podio


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