Cash calculation daily/weekly/monthly



  • Rainer Grabowski


    first of all you need a relation between A and B. Add a realtionship field in A, which references B. And cause Reason is a Relationship field you need a calculation field in A the get the Reason-Name for the calculation in B

    @all of field reason name.join()

    In the calculation in App B you first have to create arrays with unique values for Reason, Employees and Dates. Then for  each calculation a nested for-loop (with date selector or contact field only one for loop) or several if-conditions. Pretty much stuff to describe here. The daily and weekly (Number 1 and 4) - do you want the results for the current day/week or the paste past day/week or a specific range of days/weeks?






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  • admin

    Thank you for your support

    i will try and feedback

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