Incomes, expenses and liquid assets


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jose, 

    first of all you have to have a relationship between each App with COST and between all apps with INVOICES and CASH. How is your CASH app structured? Is there only one item in it to which you can relate all CASH and INVOICES items? Or are there items for e.g. each client, each year or ... ???? In CASH here are several ways how to achieve what you want. It depends on how you want to show the results. Do you want an own field for incomes and an own for expenditure? Or do you want them in one field ordered by month, inclusive balance? Do you want it as a list or as a table like:

    Month      | Income | Expenditure | Balance
    2015-Dec |  5.000  | 3.000           |  2.000
    2016-Jan  |  6.000  | 3.000           |  3.000
    2016-Feb |  5.000  | 3.000           |  2.000

    Maybe you can share some more details.


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