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Authentication - PHP - Localhost


Im just starting to use Podio API but i cant get pass the authentication...

Ive generated, API keys, using localhost as domain, because im trying to make a request from my: http://localhost/podio-php-4.3.0/Teste.php

And App ID and Token for the Bugs (API example), and I'm getting the error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PodioConnectionError' with message 'Connection to Podio API failed: [77] error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\phpcacert.pem CApath: none' in D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\htdocs\podio-php-4.3.0\lib\Podio.php:259 Stack trace: #0 D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\htdocs\podio-php-4.3.0\lib\Podio.php(107): Podio::request('POST', '/oauth/token', Array, Array) #1 D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\htdocs\podio-php-4.3.0\lib\Podio.php(60): Podio::authenticate('app', Array) #2 D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\htdocs\podio-php-4.3.0\Teste.php(11): Podio::authenticate_with_app('15064162', '2676e0ac48a5483...') #3 {main} thrown in D:\Program Files (web)\xampp\htdocs\podio-php-4.3.0\lib\Podio.php on line 259

Any ideas? (im using windows 7)

Luis Almeida

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