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Automating Excel import?

not sure how to really word what i need but i will try....


i use MRIS (MLS Service for realtors) to export property information into podio. that part is automated, i know how to set up macros on excel to automate some minor editing as well. 

what kills alot of time and therefore makes it less usable is that i am importing them into podio via excel import and have to do the same exact mapping each time....


is there a way to automate the mapping or possibly even a better process all together? ideally i am able to do updates on properties on the fly but i at least need to do a mass update once per day, and with 20-30 fields its alot to do "by hand"

William Willman

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(ie i have everything automated up to the point i have to map my excel import to podio) 

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