Issues with migrating from workspace contacts to a Contacts app



  • Brock Taffe

    Please tell me something is happening with this, we've gotten to the point where we're just making new contacts in our new contact app and forgetting about the old ones.

    This is scary as the originals in workspace contacts aren't being updated and when we eventually get the functionality to export them and update they will be all out of date.



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  • Tony Shoraka

    We're having the same issue.  

    In my view, the failure to anticipate, at best (or downright neglect if you'd rather not give them the benefit) users' needs is scornful!

    How could Podio plan for the introduction of a new feature and FAIL to plan for the migration of users from the old environment??

    Given the likely high percentage of users that had been using WORKSPACE CONTACTS before the introduction of the Contacts App, one really wonders what they were smoking when they planned (or, rather failed to plan) for this change? 

    ... and to IGNORE users' persistent questions about this matter just adds insult to injury!

    There ... I've got it off my chest now!

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for the feedback. Are you having the same issue as Adrien reported above? This should have been fixed a few months back.

    We understand it can be a pain to locate the different apps that contains workspace contacts, export and merge them into one view in excel and import again to a contact app. If you like our assistance, I am happy to take a meeting to assist you make the changes and review your set-up.

    I am sorry we have not been able to provide a smooth migration experience.

    You can reach me via

    Sara - Product Manager

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