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You better backup and download your Podio data quick

As a long time and vocal supporter of Podio, I was disappointed to read this blog post and related information that indicates Podio will soon be gone as we know it.

"I wanted to let you know that we are going to be reducing investment in Podio as a standalone product, and we will leverage the technology in other existing product. It will not be offered as a standalone product moving forward."

"reducing investment in Podio". We're not putting any more time or money into Podio.
"leverage the technology". We're using the code in our other brands.

Now as sad as I am about this, this is their right to do and obviously they don't feel Podio is worth pursuing any more.

I would seriously suggest those of you who use Podio as a fundamental part of your business, download all of your data ASAP and look for a solution that is as close to Podio as possible.

Good luck.

Brett Golden Answered

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Hey Brett,

Please let me be clear, Podio will still be offered as a stand-alone product going forward. We will continue to support our current customers, future customers and improve the platform.

We will also release new powerful functionality in the future. We have more news via the blog the next few weeks :)

Sara - Podio, Customer Services Manager

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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I can't believe I had to learn this terrible news in this way. What am I supposed to do without Podio, no other project management system even comes close.

Anne 0 votes

Hey Anne,

You don't need to worry, Podio is still here and will continue to be here in the future.

Let me know directly via if I can help.

/Sara - Customer Services Manager

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

Thanks Sara.

Unfortunately direct quotes from Citrix executives contradict you. I can only hope that your little hint of news and a smile means there are plans underway for Podio to be purchased back by your original team and keep going. I really hope so because I love Podio and replacing it is something I do not want to do.

Brett Golden 1 vote

Brett, I hope you will still follow our blog and receive future updates with more detailed communication and confirmation on our investment in Podio.

Thanks for your support!

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

Hey Brett, Have had a lot of colleagues feeling the same way. I've looked into a number of other options, the most comparable to Podio thus far (and actually more attractive) is Transpose...'m able to access all the same capabilities and they just released analytics too. Haven't done a lot w/ the analytics yet, but it's an interesting addition. I did a lot of research on other options too, so feel free to message me if you want more thoughts.


Mitchell Harrison 0 votes

Hi Sarah, thanks for your strong statements of support for the continued availability of Podio. And, I'm also very pleased to see the new features announced recently (though these were all under development prior to the above Citrix announcement, so their release doesn't do as much to alleviate my fears as I would like). I am praying there will be some more concrete statements forthcoming which will either retract or clarify the above mentioned "will not be offered as a standalone product" statement. As for myself, Citrix has already pulled the rug out from under me before. We were very happy users of a product called Hidef Conferencing (a teleconferencing service) until it was acquired by Citrix just so they could use the developers on gotomeeting. So, when Citrix felt they had milked Hidef Conferencing for what they could milk out of it as a standalone product, they just shut it down and told us to go to gotomeeting at 4x the price. When Citrix acquired Podio, I wanted to believe that they actually wanted to leverage the truly innovative Podio product to open up a new market opportunity. But, the recent announcement combined with our past experience with Citrix gives me much doubt. When your customers are recommending other products on your own community forums it is a horrible sign of the state of your customer base. If the passengers think the ship isn't sea worthy, it doesn't really matter what the crew thinks unless they can convince the passengers otherwise.

Eric Eldridge 0 votes