the CEILING in excel


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Use Javascript operators instead of Excel functions, Math.ceil() instead of CEILING. And please use markdown to show code when you use special characters like

    • _

    cause strings between those characters will be shown italic or bold and the * disappear. Enter 4 blank spaces in front of each line of your code and a blank line before and after the code block and the code looks much clearer like

    (@FieldA === 1?0:(@FieldB == "Text 1"?0:(@FieldB == "Text 2"?Math.round((0.9*(CEILING(2*@FieldC.1/3,5)))/25,0)25:CEILING(2@FieldC.1/3,5))))

    Another point: Your code looks very unclear. Use blank spaces before and after ? and :

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