Does Advanced Workflows allow conditional logic/triggers within a single app?



  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Amanda,

    With the Advanced Workflow you can set a conditional trigger to either create or update an item in a related app. Or update the same item. I'm not sure however if you're more asking about new fields getting displayed or hidden upon a certain condition. That is currently not possible, but you can auto-fill information within the same item or items in related apps, upon a certain trigger.

    Please also feel free to send us a private support ticket to and show how your app looks and we can get back to you showing how it can work for you using the workflow in the situation you're looking into there :-)

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Amanda,

    I assume, you mean conditional logic on updating the current item, that's possible. But I'm afraid it's not possible what you want to do. What you can do with Advanced Workflows within an app is:
    - When an item is created and a CATEGORY FIELD matches a condition hen update this item
    - When an item has been updated and a specific field has changed and/or a Category field matches a condition update this item.

    But you can define a specific matching value only for category fields (contains/does not contain a specific value or has/has not a value). For all other fields you can only define "if changed". Means: You can't define: If text field has changed AND text field contains "ABCXYZ" then update the item. And you can't do something like: If category A is selcted then show field XYZ, if category B is selected show field "123".

    If you can tell more details what exactly you want to achieve, maybe there are workarounds using calculation fields and/or the Podio extension Globiflow.

    The good news is: For Advanced Workflow you need only the Plus subscription, Premium isn't necessary.

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  • Larry Spencer

    I need conditional logic, this system is starting to become very cumbersome without it. And why can't I reduce the field of view smaller then 800 pixels. It's frustrating as all get out. I'm really starting to dislike this system. When about a month ago I was in love. Come on Podio, Let's make some noise!!

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  • fabien cohen

    Hello, I'm thinking of moving to Zoho that allow conditional fields... Podio is no longer the best CRM it was because they don't listen their customers

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  • Oren

    So true Fabien. It is a pity because it is wonderful app with basic functionality missing. The fact that these issues are not addressed for so many years made me decide to not using this app anymore. 

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