Sectioning a long podio form



  • Scott Costello

    I would love this too! In the mean time I figured out how to use a calculation field to do something similar. The only draw back is that when you are Adding a new Item the Calculation Info doesn't show up.

    I do something like this...

    var a = @Address

    "# Contacts"
    + "\n" + " "
    + "---"
    + "\n"
    + "The Contacts section is where you can add the contact information for the owner, heirs, attorneys, brothers, sisters or anyone else who you need too."

    the var a = @address info is just to satisfy the calculation's field requirement to use at least one reference field. I also use Markdown to format the text as well.

    is a heading

    --- is a horizontal line
    \n is a new line

    Hope this helps you out some until they come up with a grouping method

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  • Lee Standell

    There so much UI space available on a typical item, I agree that finding the sections you need can be a pain.

    I've been playing around with markdown and inserting an image link to a button I've created on to separate the different sections inside each app.

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