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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Hi Guys!

    Very glad to announce that Citrix Podio now supports Two Factor Authentication (we call it Two Step Verification - 2SV). We understand that this had been long due and really appreciate your patience.

    For adding this extra layer of security, every user needs to voluntarily opt into this feature from their Account Settings page.

    Check out more details about the feature in our product news and help centre articles.

    Best Regards,

    //Pallabi - Podio Product Manager

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  • Oliver Wray

    Hi Alan, It is correct we do not have this on the current roadmap, however we have it on the list of possible additions - please add your vote to it here to help drive it forward:

    Thanks for your feedback on this, we really appreciate it.

    //Oliver - Podio

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  • Alan Harrylal

    Hello Oliver,

    Thanks for your reply to my recent post about Two Factor Authentication.

    Oliver, I don't mean to sound crass, and I am definitely not the, "kill the messenger", type, but by your reply, which I am sure resonates within the confines of your Team, more so the developers, it appears that the criticality of implementing such a feature has not yet really hit home.

    The fact that your product is used by companies to collaborate amongst themselves, as well as with other companies, or clients to vendors, and vice versa, means that there is more than likely very sensitive information being exchanged.

    The days of using just a username and password to protect against data breeches, are quickly coming to an end.

    With other services such as PayPal, eBay, Twitter, Google, Yammer, and EVEN Facebook ( (and the list goes on), implementing Two Factor Authentication, should attest to why it shouldn't be simply "on a list of POSSIBLE additions."

    A quick search on, <insert favorite search-engine here>, on the advantages of having Two Factor Authentication, and on the statistics showing how hackers are infiltrating company info faster and easier by using techniques such as phishing, brute force attacks, and even social engineering to bypass usernames and password protected sites, should serve as, for the very least, an eye-opener, and motivation for more serious internal discussions about incorporating such a feature as 2FA into your product.

    I hope this harangue is met with the understanding that because Podio is such an awesome product for what it does, and because of the type of information that is exchanged and archived within the product's databases, as well as the demise of the sole use of a username+password combination to secure access to data, your users are going to demand this feature more and more.

    As a matter of fact, it has been two years since a similar discussion was started on your community forum, and it appears that Podio hasn't taken this into consideration, short of "we may EVENTUALLY do it if we get 1 gazillion votes."

    That won't work for the majority of users, and 2FA should be something that Podio puts into development sooner than later.

    Oliver, I ask that you forward this email as high up as you can within your organization, in hopes that it comes before the eyes of the decision makers.

    We need Two Factor Authentication in Podio.....yesterday.

    Thank you kindly for your time,

    Alan Harrylal
    Sr. Systems Engineer
    Synergy Development Consulting

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Alan,

    Today we live we 2FA support for new customers using Podio together with ShareFile in a Citrix bundle:

    We hope to add 2FA for existing customers as well in the future.


    Sara - Podio

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