No documentation for calculating formulas...?



  • Brett Morrone

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for raising this question. If your apps are related with a relationship field, you can use the "@" symbol to search for variables in your related apps to perform the above calculation.

    If you'd like the calculation to be performed in an app other than your invoices or expenses app the you'd need to ensure there's a relationship field in both those app relating to the app you'd like to show the calculation in. This will allow you to use the "@" symbol to pull those variables into the calculation. @sumofsales - @sumofexpenses

    You will need to insert the calculation into the app template and save it. It will then run continuously and change when new data is added into the fields.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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  • Steve

    OK so I think I was looking at this the wrong way round. So if I create an app called "Calculations", then every invoice I create I need to add a reference to "Calculations" in the invoice item? I'll then have all those appear in my calculations app and can therefore do sums with them? There could be hundreds though, is that an issue?

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