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  • Kinga Magyar

    I would recommend you to use the webforms for your employees to submit information directly into your HR/Finance workspaces. This way they don't need to have access to the workspace and you'd get the data directly in the right app. Here is how to setup a webform:

    I hope this helps!

    //Kinga - Podio


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  • Jeff Dougherty

    We had hoped to use webforms for much of the work that we do in Podio, but have a problem with not being to access the members/users in the contacts field in a web form. So, we've had to resort to using mainly podio apps directly? Is there a way around that? If there is, it would sure solve many of our problems

    If we have businesses entering basic data into a form, it will work fine, but for internal processes, it's proving to be a challenge?


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jeff,

    for the webform you can use a cumbersome, but feasible workaround. Add a relationship field, where the person can be selected instead from a contact field (in the app must be both fields). The relationship field must have a relation to an app where all contacts are in, including one field with their data-profile-id (also called workspace-user-id). When the webform is saved, Globiflow can add the right contact automatically into the contact field by getting the data-profile-id from the related contact app.

    Also for using apps for entering data you can use Globiflow for deleting the items in the first app. You can create a flow: When an item in the first app is created, create a new item in the second app with the same data, wait/delay, delete the item in the first app. 



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