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Building a contact importer & project exporter


Hi Podio developers!

I'm in the middle of building an integration with Podio for my company's proposal application and I've run into a bit of a conceptual roadblock.

What I'm trying to build is (to start with) two features:

1) The ability to import clients/leads from Podio into our system, and vice-versa

2) The ability to export completed proposals as Podio projects

The first conceptual roadblock for me is that there are a number of Project and Client/Lead apps, none of which appear (at first glance) to follow a standard of which fields are required, or even which fields they have. In most other platforms I can simply query a "Clients" or "Contacts" object and import all of the results, but it appears that your Contacts endpoint is for something altogether different and I can't figure out a way to reliably get a list of actual contacts in the application. So, my question:

If I want to get a list of contacts from a Podio customer and import them into our system, would I need to (i.e. is this the only way...) present the user with a list of apps on their accounts, have them manually map the app fields to our fields (e.g. "first-name" in the Podio "Clients & Leads" app maps to our "first_name" field), and then perform the import?

Will I also need to have the same mechanism for exporting proposals as Podio projects? Present the user with a list of apps, have them map the fields to their project app, and only then do the export, assuming the app is compatible?

I'm worried that I'm drastically overthinking this and that there's a much simpler way to accomplish this than I can see.

Alex Plumb

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Hi Alex,

I can understand your confusion. Podio does indeed have a concept of "workspace contacts", but we have been recommending people use apps for years and plan to retire this inflexible type of contact. We also previously had "contacts", now renamed to "connections", as this is simply a list of everyone your connected to on Podio.

As for contacts in terms of clients or leads, you should always use an app for that, and we would recommend that you use the Contact app type for this - see this article here:

So your conceptual road block is should be cleared by this: Use an apps for Clients and Leads, where they will be created as items. Then use this tutorial to understand and work with apps and items through the Podio API:

If I understand you correctly, the same is more or less true for proposals you want to have as Podio projects.

Casper Fabricius

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