Calculation Based on % Completion in year.


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  • Heather Fox

    Hi, Andy. Here is one way you can do it...

    In the app, you'll need data entry fields:
    - Total Revenue (number field ie. 12000000)
    - Start Date (date field ie. 1 Nov 2015)
    - End Date (date field ie. 31 Oct 2015)
    - Period End (date field ie. 31 Dec 2015) or you can hardcode this

    The calculation fields:
    - Days from Start to End
    var a = moment(@Start Date);
    var b = moment(@End Date);
    var diff = b.diff(a, 'days')+1;
    - Revenue from Start to Period End
    var a = moment(@Period End);
    var b = moment(@Start Date);
    var diff = a.diff(b, 'days')+1;
    diff / @Days from Start to End * @Year Amount;
    - Revenue from Period to End
    @Total Revenue - @Revenue from Start to Period

    Hope that helps.

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