CRM correspondence, but not in comments



  • Oliver Wray

    @Andreas, the contacts app will replace the current workspace and make the contacts more flexible. You will be able to relate to the contacts via the relationship field, and you can have e-mails and phone numbers in the reference badge of the contact, just as with any related apps today. You will also be able to set up the apps as you describe it, and notes regarding your correspondences can be placed in fields in apps instead of in the comments sections.

    Does this make sense? Let me know if anything needs clarifying.

    //Oliver - Podio

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  • Andreas Forstinger

    Hi Oliver,

    so to be sure: I know we will be able to fill our apps manually also in the futute. But will there be functionality to automatically create a "mail correspondence" item in an app instead of adding a comment with the mail button? This would be the magic I would love to see :)


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