How to set Reference Layout through the API?



  • Scott Costello

    Wish I could get some kind of answer to this.  The more I experiment it just seems random.  I created an App that has 3 fields (+ the Tags and Files fields that get created automatically).  These fields are created in this order...

    1. Address (location field)
    2. Sold Price (Money field)
    3. Date Sold (Date field)

    The Badge Layout Option defaults to this setup...Sold Price, Date Sold (Large box),Last Edited By,Number of files, Tags

    The Reference Layout Option defaults to this...Date Sold, Address, Last Edited By

    I can't make sense out of it.  Though I have found that certain fields can't be put into certain boxes.  For example the, in the Badge Layout, I can't put the Date Sold field into any box but the Large Box.  

    So what are the rules?

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  • Scott Costello

    Any chance I can get an answer to this?  Just want to know if it's possible or not.

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