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Can I get an App using the External_ID?

Perhaps I'm thinking about this wrong...

I setup a script to auto-created a suite of Apps in a Workspace using PodioPHP Api.  This works great!  Now I'm attempting to create some workflows using the API (if item is updated in one app, I want to add an item to another app).  

My issue comes when I'm creating the item in the other App. I don't know the App_Id because it will change with every setup.  However I do know the App's External_Id because I set it during App creation.

Unfortunately the PodioItem::create() function wants me to use the App_Id.  So my question is, how do I get the App_Id from the App's External_Id?  Is the answer to use the PodioApp::get_all() function to get the list of Apps in my workspace and search it for the App I want?


Scott Costello

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Hi Scott,

I would suggest storing the app ids locally in your application, otherwise you will have to iterate over all apps in the workspace and check the external id like you mention.


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