How do i search specific word/sentence in my past chat?



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    Jacquelyn May

    Hi Hardik,

    There is not an easy way to do that I'm afraid. You'd need to use Ctrl + F to search the chat, but if the word you're searching for is higher up in the thread you may have to scroll up for a bit before you do this.

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Roger Hunwicks

    This seems like a Defect to me - the Global Search will identify the Chat(s) that contain the search phrase - but clicking on the entry in the search result takes you to the most recent message in the chat.

    If the chat is with a colleague and message every day, and the message containing the search phrase was a year ago, then it can take many minutes of scrolling up until the message containing the search phrase is loaded.

    I'd like to use Podio as my one-stop shop communication platform, but this is a big weakness compared to Slack, or even Skype.

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  • Steve Marin

    This is an old request, it really would be great to have a search-like feature similar to Skype. We are trying to make our devs only use Podio for all chat and discussion, as opposed to Skype, but when they need to reference a request or something pertaining to the task at hand it is very cumbersome and time consuming to find what you are specifically looking for.


    Hope that can be improved soon.


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