Cloning/Copying Workflow



  • Eric Eldridge

    I don't think you can do this with the native Podio workflow. However, you might want to check out podio extension. They support both of the items you are requesting.

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  • PHG Admin

    I know this question is really old, but if I understand the question correctly, I accomplish this by setting the conditions for "does not contain" rather than "contains" and it has worked for me.  Basically, since the conditions logic is for AND, I list each of the conditions that I don't want to be included, leaving all of the other conditions (that I do want included as OR) out of the logic.  

    For example, Using the available category options in Status of "Scheduled", "In Progress", "Completed", and "Archived", if the status changes AND the future status does not contain "Scheduled" AND the future status does not contain "Archived", then <enter rest of workflow here.>  What this does is runs the workflow if the status is changed to either "In Progress" OR "Completed", since it excludes "Scheduled" and "Archived".  

    I know this was a lengthy explanation.  Hopefully it makes sense.  

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  • Catey Carey

    I have to create 15 workflows and currently have to do each of them as new... would be great to be able to duplicate an individual workflow within an app!!!

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