Allow other days of the week when creating a due date for a task



  • Justin Stewart Bell

    I agree.  I can't understand why this hasn't been an option from the beginning.  Choosing specific days of the week seems like a logical necessity for scheduling anything, especially tasks.

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  • Randy Rupert

    +1 Here... Podio is a support system for business, so some "workplace" features seem to be missing here. Additional options (at least in workflows) would allow me to add automated tasks for new items with task-deadlines of "previous weekday"

    If someone else creates two items that are due Sat and Sun the 15th and 16th, I'd like the capability of creating workflows to assign tasks that are due Fri the 14th for each, and maybe even tasks that are due 2 weeks before the item is due plus however many days are necessary to put that task deadline on a weekday.

    One simple additional drop-down would allow users to decide whether to round up/down deadlines to the nearest workday. This feature would only truly be useful in automation. Manually added tasks can be fixed upon entry. Right now, I'm relegated to changing task-deadlines after they're entered by workflow, which partially negates the benefit to that workflow.

    See suggested mockup below.

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  • Randall Gort

    In addition I would like to able to assign multiple, discrete dates to an item instead of just a range. I would prefer this to be more than just every week (month,etc.) on the same day for a determined number of times (or a specific duration) or until canceled. If possible I would like the flexibility to schedule a meeting or followup for this week Tuesday, next week Wednesday, etc.I am wondering whether this can be handled just like multiple addresses and phone numbers. 

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