Querying SQL Server Data and Displaying In Podio



  • Josh Jones

    More info: Our plan is to create a simple VIEW in SQL Server and only allow this one view to be visible to a certain SQL Server username and password. Then, we were hoping that Podio would have a way to add this SQL Server with it's username and password as a datasource and then pull the data from this VIEW and simply display it with the aforementioned filters, etc.

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  • Ansar Muhammad (Anz)

    Hi Josh,

    There is no out of the box way to achieve this but you can make an API integration with Podio to run the view query periodically and insert the data to a Podio app. Once the data is inside Podio in proper structure you can use filters and all other Podio functionality. We have done this many times for our clients and its a straightforward task to do. Check here for the Podio API documentation https://developers.podio.com/

    There is also ready made solutions available with Zapier and Simego.

    Best Regards,

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  • Irvin Welsh

    To integrate SQL Server data with Podio take a look at Skyvia. It is a code-free web service with powerful mapping and flexible scheduling options.

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