Automated import from web form into two apps at once?



  • Patrick Steil

    If your website is running WordPress (and it should be!), then I would recommend that you use Gravity Forms + Zapier Webhook add-on to send the data to Globiflow (confusing because you are using the Zapier add on, but not using Zapier) and you should be able to do all this very nicely. I have done it with 7 apps at a time from one webform!

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  • Klantenservice

    Thanks Patrick, that sound promising! The Zapier Webhook add-on looks great, but I don't quite know if we already use Gravity Forms. Do you think it's also possible with other forms?

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  • Hey Patrick - this is resurrecting a very old thread, but I just found your comment and have a quick question for you. 

    I have several Gravity Forms + Zapier connections to create items in Podio but all of them actually USE Zapier. I can't find much on your comment about using the Zapier Webhook but sending that into Globiflow not Zapier. This is exactly what I would like to do. 

    What has to be set up to send info straight from that webhook to Globiflow?

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  • Hey Patrick - scratch that question I just posted to you. After a bit more searching I ended up finding your video tutorial which covers this exactly -

    Thanks, very helpful!

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