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External ID at items using importer?

Hi everyone, 

I need a synchronization from our platform to Podio and I having some problems for bulk item creation. So I'm interested in the importer solution using a CSV file for avoid send thousands of calls and block the server.
The questions are:
* Can I define an external ID for each item using the importer API?
* Can I attach easily a picture to a field?
Thank you very much in advance!
Kind regards.
Jose Carlos Gomez

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I would always use the field id's. You can't use a CSV to upload a picture.

Henrik Huhtinen 1 vote

Hi Henrik, thanks.

Currently I'm using the field ID for prepare the importation. My problem is that after the batch is completed, I don't have any mode of know easily what ITEM ID is assigned by Podio to each row.

It will be great something like these steps:

$batch_id = Importer::import($file);
Webhook received at my server with the batch ID.
Use the batch ID for get details about the operation (creations and updates for each CSV row). 

This feature is available at Podio?


Jose Carlos Gomez 0 votes

As far as I know you only get the information on how many rows succeeded and how many failed.

Henrik Huhtinen 0 votes