End date not calculating properly



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Brock,

    perhaps one of the other fields (you get with @All of ...) is empty in one item. If you have a null-value in one item you'll get problems with the mapping of the arrays. There are perhaps workarounds, but it depends on your app setup. Maybe you could share some more details about the app relations and waht you want to achieve with the DuplicateCheck-vars.


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  • Brock Taffe


    Hi Rainer,

    Oh so those @all arrays could be interfering with the date field arrays?

    The DuplicateCheck-vars are there because shifts are filled out with the text fields from related records  'areas, teams and categories', then they are related to a roster (another app), the roster then calculates the correct title using the code above based on those related shifts. I had to remove the duplicates because otherwise it was just joining all of those text fields together.

    Thanks for your help!

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