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Podio webform sources


I really need the ability to associate input from a webform submission to a specific item. One way that I've been able to get close (without success) is by dynamically embedding a form on my website. As it stands right now, the url of the page created includes the id# of the item I need to associate with the form submission from that site. Is there any way that I would be able to see from what sources form submissions originate? Then I could reference the url to find the item number and use the API to transfer data from the form submission to the item where I ACTUALLY need the information.

Please help.

Samson Burton

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Hey Samson,

I have done this in the past, but I have had to make my own custom webforms and an API integration to solve the problem so I could just pull those URL parameters in the actual submission of the form.

I believe with the new CSS options they have released, that you could get around this by setting a default option for the field AND setting the disabled attribute for that field. I haven't experimented with this myself, but I'd be happy to connect sometime this week to test this out with you and show you have I have gotten around this in the past.

My email is if you want to reach out to me directly.

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