Number and Money field be able to handle . not only , as decimal delimiter



  • Oliver Wray

    Thanks a lot for sharing Jean-Claude.

    Your input has been noted.

    //Oliver - Podio

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  • Alejandro Pérez Benavides

    Hello, has this been fixed yet?

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  • Hi Alejandro,

    Our money and number fields are currently based on format related to the language you use in your Podio.

    To solve this problem entirely we would need to either introduce more languages to support more options - or make the behaviour different from the language you are using.

    No progress for this at the moment unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback!


    //Sara - Podio

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  • Panu Heinonen

    Whan language I have to use in order to input decimals WITH comma? Scandinavian (swedish and finnish at least) keyboard has COMMA in numpad and we use comma as deciman separator.

    Now there's possibility to make HUGE mistakes when inputting numbers. For example: the money amount is supposed to be 1850,50€. Now when I input this into Podio it becames 1850,500.00€ which is quite different thing...

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  • Hamid


    is there any solution for this !


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