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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jeff,

    did you try: @Sum of Event Inquiry Count? If this is available in the field tokens after typing @Sum of the field "Event Inquiry Count" isn't number type, but the numbers in there are (text) strings.

    Why do you use Number(@All of Inquiry Name.length).toFixed(0) to count the number of inquiries?
    With @All of Inquiry Name.length you would get a real number. And the displayed decimals you can control in the field settings. I you want to try this, create a new calculation field with @All of Inquiry Name.length. Cause a once saved field keeps its format (text, number, date) and you can't change that. The values of this new field you can sum in the Tavel Form with SUM of this field.

    By the way: As I see you know that .toFixed() changes a number to a string (format). And with Number I think you wanted to parse it back to a number (format). But you*ve set the brackets not correctly. It must be: Number((@all of Inquiry Name.length).toFixed(0)). As I said: .toFixed(0)isn't necessary and so `Number' isn't also not necessary. And setting the brackets right in the existing field won't work, cause it's already a string type calculation field.


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