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Strange behavior with calculation field - data cache?

We have a calculation field in one app which uses unix timestamp in the calculation to compare with current time and do the logic.
The result of this calculation field is used in another calculation field in a referenced app.
The calculation works fine and display the data properly - for few days and then it starts failing. It works again if we make the first calculation field dirty (by adding a space or line) and save it.

Is this because of Podio data caching? Any idea how to fix this?

Ansar Muhammad (Anz) Answered

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Hi Anz,
The problem with this is that podio do not refresh items only if some chage happend on it.
you can add in your app a related date field in an app witn one date field wich you can update mannualy every day.

sorry for my bad english :)

Hamid 0 votes

that is one of the pitfalls in calculations. please consider reading this and maybe have a vote on it...

when doing workarounds like manual updating to force recalculations keep in mind that there is a limit on how many revisions an item can have. currently it is 5k IIRC.

Andreas Forstinger 0 votes