Offline Accsess. PODIO what is that status on offline accsess? this is vital to long term viability. Is there any hope at all?



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    Jacquelyn May

    Hey Jeff - there aren't any plans for this. Since Podio is built as a real-time collaboration tool, it's really important that you're always looking at the most up to date version of your content. Because of this, offline access doesn't fit into our goals for Podio.

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Hamish Maclean

    This is unfortunate to read. There are so many teams throughout the world who need offline access to data and cellular black spots are everywhere. Not being always connected is a reality and always will be. Offline sync would obviously be a nightmare for Citrix to implement. So I will have to keep FileMaker in my tool kit as I can build offline apps with that and perhaps use the api to connect to Podio.. or not. 


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