Section divider with expand and collapse option



  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Bassam,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    You can expand and collapse fields depending on if they are filled in using the 'Hidden if empty' function (

    For used fields and applying a divider you can look into using a calculation field and add this:

    var blank = @somevariable
    'Name of section\n===\n---\n'

    You can currently not elapse these though. Maybe considering adding some data in another app and link it in via a relationship field would be the neatest way for you if the app template feels to bulky.

    Please feel free to get in touch with us in a private support ticket at and we can have a closer look at your specific case and give further, more pointed tips for you :-)

    /Charlie - Podio

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  • Bassam Nakfour

    Thank you your insight, I have already started using the section divider for a clearer view within an item when there are a lot of items, but a I hope to see someday a tab feature or sections that collapse and expand as I feel it would result in a clearer view to the users.

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  • Mark Cannon

    Hi Charlie,

    I like your tips and am using them.

    However, I do believe that the apps still would look much cleaner and be much more usable, both during edit and while reviewing the information, if Bassam's recommendation was used.

    I independently had the same thought and decided to search to see if it already had been recommended before posting my own feature request.

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  • Podio Admin

    Any updates on this?


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