Is there any way to set a default relationship or retrieve data from another app without a relationship between apps?


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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Norah,

    you can't set a default relationship and you can't pull directly from another item if it is not related (you coudl do via the API or with a Podio extension liike Globiflow). Whether you can pull data indirectly from the Special Tool app depends on several things. If you e.g. always want to display the same UUID or Special tool name in the calculation field you can simply enter it in the calculation field. You can even create a hyperlink to the Special Tool item like

    "[special tool name](item url)"

    But it's not really related, you can only jump directly to it. There maybe other options the get data from the Special Tool, but it depends on your setup, on which date from Special Tool you want to display and for what this data is needed.


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