17.09.2015 - Multiline option in map field



  • Andreas Forstinger

    Nice update, looks great.

    Would still love to also have a solution where I can then use the address field data to filter my customers e.g. by country ...

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  • Scott Costello

    I like this new option. However one thing I noticed is that when you choose Multi-lined, the layout in badge view, no longer displays the map in the large area but the address like this...

    213 Main St

    An chance we could get an option what to show or switch it back?

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  • Andrew Bridges

    How to access via calculation. If I wanted to make a calc field to only display the City or Zip?

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  • Hamid

    Hi Andrew
    try to use a similar code like this :

    var map = @map.join()
    var returned = [];
    var comma = map.indexOf(',');
    var street = returned.street = map.slice(0, comma);
    var after = map.substring(comma + 2);
    var space = after.lastIndexOf(' ');
    var city = returned.city = after.slice(5, space-1);
    var zip = returned.zip = after.slice(0, 5);
    street + "\n" + zip + "\n" + city 
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  • Andrew Bridges

    Hi Hamind, thanks for your help. I looked at a similar method, but won't work as we have addresses from all over the world with multiple commas in the street, city and state. as well as in non-latin characters. I wish was just a simple array or named index.

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