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Help text for calculation fields

We use help text to assist user to fill the empty fields, at the moment. That's OK. But why we cant use them for calculation fields. We have many calculation fields that we forgot its meaning after a certain time. But if we can put a pop-up like we add in number, text, category fields, etc. , we can understand the meaning of that calculation, easily. For instance, "1" means active customers, where "0" means passive ones.

Adil Tuncer Completed

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We just added a new Help Text option for the Calculation field! Thanks for the input everyone and for helping us improve Podio.

//Sara - Podio


Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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@David.. // I will do :)
Actually I noticed that I expressed myself wrong. The problem is not on developer side. It is on user side. Sometimes, users don't understand the meaning of the calculation. We can only have the unit on calculation instead of adding a description.

Adil Tuncer 0 votes

I also think descriptions could be useful. Especially for all those "helper" fields we need to have for reports and other stuff that do not have a clear meaning to the users.
I guess they are not there for calculations because at the moment descriptions are only shown in edit mode. The question is how could that be implemented to also show descriptions in "view" mode. Having a tooltip (and icon for touch devices) on every field may be too much. So it would have to be optional to tick "show description" per field.

Andreas Forstinger 0 votes

Tooltip like descriptions could be really useful for the apps I have. The only alternative now is to have really long field names to try and describe it.

Jeremy Birch 0 votes

Thanks for your suggestion and feedback on this guys! It's not a bad would as you say Andreas most likely be the option to show also in View mode so to say. I can imagine that it can be too much information in some instances as well though, how do you feel? It's something we would have to try out a bit and discuss further.

For now you can consider to add these instructions in the app description, or in a info tile on the workspace home page?

/Charlie - Podio

Charlie Lindstrom 0 votes