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Individually define cards field layout in card view

Would be nice to be able to adjust also the selected fields in the card view.

Dirk Spannaus Completed

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Hi Dirk and Fritz! 

As of just a few moments ago, cards are now customizable! The card layout now has an updated design and lets you choose which fields are shown in your cards.

To find this option, click the wrench icon in the upper left for your app, then go to "Layout Options" and find the "Card Layout" tab at the top. 

We hope this new functionality will make the card layout even better for you!

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May
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Thank you for the input Dirk. This is something we have already begun discussing, there is no timeline as of yet but we will keep you posted on any developments.

Vardan - Podio

Vardan Azizian 0 votes
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