Hide fields (no matter of empty or full)




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    Jacquelyn May

    Hey everyone! This is now possible:


    Let us know what you think! 

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • David O'Brien

    I think your best solution is to think carefully about your app layout Dirk, and just position the critical fields at the top.

    You could also shift rarely used fields into another app and use relationships to link them?

    Options to hide fields other than empty ones, are limited, I think.

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  • Matthew Ringel

    I would also like this functionality.  For example, when using a flow that searches on items I might need to create a calculation field.  That field is being used exclusively for the automated flow and is just confusing to regular users.  It would be nice if it could be toggled hidden so that it doesn't show up. 

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  • Matias Vivone


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