iPhone Notifications - Can't see updates



  • Kuan Foo

    Hi Jess, thanks for the question.

    I'm the product manager for mobile, and we've looked at a lot of the UX issues over the summer, including the one you have mentioned above. We definitely want to eliminate gaps like this. To do this, we have a major release for Podio on iOS lined up for iOS9 which will include major simplifications in navigation and ease of access. This sets us up with a good foundation for hitting a lot of UX issues following release.

    For the specific problem you have mentioned, it is on our roadmap to make item updates clearer around the end of September, so you could expect a public release mid-late October.

    If you want to try out solutions earlier, I would like to invite you to our mobile beta where you can try things as they happen.

    You can sign up here:

    Thanks and hope to see you on the inside.


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  • Dee Dee Huey

    I too want to stop receiving notifications on my phone. It's bothersome while I'm trying to use my phone and I keep getting these or while I'm on the phone, it keep beeping me letting me something has changed. I don't need these. How I can I turn them off?

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  • Pete Cuff

    @Dee Dee - from your Podio app, find "Settings" from the menu bar (it is likely to be under "More"), then Notifications.  You can turn off all you don't want to be notified about on/by your phone's native operating system but don't worry this doesn't mean you don't get a Podio notification.

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